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Some memories get etched onto our minds.

They make themselves stronger than diamonds, in the sense that they become so stubborn, they won’t ever leave, not even when you want them to.

Those memories are also lighter than feather, at times they’ll come to you when you least expect them to.

Memories are your assets, but don’t get too attached to them, they also possess the power to destroy you.

– Suri

Honesty’s a Joke!

All this while you used to merrily point out others’ mistakes. You used to have strict constraints about how a person should be, you felt like yours is the ultimate philosophy, that there’s no one better or rather honest than you…

But you never realize when you yourself turn into a bad person. The untrustworthy. The bitch. The dishonest. And then you blame it all on time.

– Suri

Note: Sorry for the harsh words used. I’m feeling so blue today..



She couldn’t seem to gather why she liked that particular trait in some humans. The kind of people who were a stubborned lot; who did only what seemed right to them. They are the ones who strive to accomplish their dreams ands goals even when there are tons of men waiting to oppose and obstruct them on reaching their path, their destination.

She considers them as her inspiration. She wishes to be like them. She wants to conquer the entire world, for which she needs to stand on her own feet. For this, she needs to be stubborn. Yet, a tiny little force in her heart, called ‘sympathy’ manages to bring her down; away from her path. Every. Single. Time..!

– Suri